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How The Cedar Cleaning Process Works

Watch the video below to see how effective our proprietary solution is on your roof

The Home Owners in This Video Were Told They Needed a New Cedar Roof. Fortunately They Called Us to Clean Their Roof Instead. This Roof Just Needed a Good Cleaning to Restore its Natural Beauty and Integrity      ... and Extend its Life!

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Cedar Wood Roof

    • Longevity
      Extend the Life Span of Your Beautiful Cedar Roof
    • Price
      About 5% of the Replacement Cost on Average to Clean/Treat
    • Rids Your Wood Roof of Infestations and Enhances the Appearance of Your Home.
      Cleaning your wood roof will give it new life at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Welcome to The Cedar Cleaners, a Directory of Certified Cedar Shakes Cleaners in the USA and Canada.

All companies listed with The Cedar Cleaners are trained and certified in the proper techniques and care required to clean and maintain cedar shakes roofs and shingle siding.

Our Entire Network of Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaners Utilize Our Specialized Non-Pressure Cleaning Process, are Certified,  licensed and fully insured so you can feel comfortable knowing a professional is taking care of your roof!

When you hire one of our certified cleaners, you can relax knowing you've hired a reliable, honest, and dedicated professional cleaner, who understands the care needed in cleaning your home's cedar shakes and shingles. We invite you to search our directory to find a certified Cedar Cleaner in your area.


Our Service Map of Cedar Cleaners Stretches Throughout the Midwest, Mid Atlantic States, Northeast, Southeast ...basically from West to East Coast!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 

  The Service Providers on our List offer you a 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Your roof will look beautiful and will last for many years to come.